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May be this message will be lol for a majority Tongue

I'm trying to understand the game physics, as I'm usually at the end of the procession Confused Haha !!! Thinking

So I've learned it's better to avoid drifting while turning. So I've understood I have to quickly release the throttle button to decelerate a little, then push it after to accelerate 100%.

The goal is to avoid the drift. Then accelerate until the end of the turn, to engage the straight line as fast as possible.

On my theory, this is how I've understood :
Am I wrong, or on the right way ?

Thx!!! (please don't lol to much, hahaha!!!)


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No idea :)

To be fair though it depends on the type of corner whether you lift or not on entry and where to place the car to avoid drift or deliberately start one. You start to get the feel for them eventually.

I guess Raptor and Spyder are best placed to advise but all I'd say is practice as much as you want to without burning out from boredom on NRL servers and also in TMUF. The Top NASCAR 60k server in TMUF is where a lot of players hang out in the week so there's always some competitive races going on you can participate in and develop further from.


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As Anty said, fastest drivers

As Anty said, fastest drivers than me would be better place to comment, but here are my two cents Wink I believe that you are correct from the general perspective, but maybe there are a few points to consider:

- There are turns where you don't need to lift beforehand. Generally, the wider turns available in the SRE races, but in some of the stadium turns as well. It really depends on the speed vs the radius of the corner, and your position on track as well as your angle of attack also plays a factor.
- When the car goes too fast, it starts drifting uncontrollably (around 600kph if I am not mistaken). This is especially true in the SRE races, even though I have to say that I quite don't like myself that behavior...
=> The two points above mostly apply for flat turns. To summariwe, there are two conditions on which you need to lift before a corner: 1. the corner is too tight or 2. you risk to auto-drift. Personnally I really dislike the 2nd case, which is why most of my tracks feature relatively tight and slow corners...

- Now, banked turns are different. Generally (not always), banked turns are meant to be drifted. The idea is that you start turning just before your car lifts from the ground before the corner, and then the car automatically drifts when you hit the ground and then make the corner. You then exit by taking the most outside line possible so that you don't jump when going back on the flat road. However, it is a good idea to stop drifting as soon as possible so that you can re-accelerate as quickly as possible.
- Some banked turns are faster when taken without drifting, but it might be quite difficult to pull off. This is the reason why Raptor and Spyd where 2 seconds faster than everyone last race.

These are just a few thoughts. The most important is (I believe) to have fun Wink

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Thx guyz for your

Thx guyz for your explanations ! it's very nice to share your experience and your feelings !

So, when the turn looks like dangerous, always better to lift up the power, no brake.
Then I'll try to brake as close as possible to the inside border on stadium races (nascar is too fast I think... or as you said, all turns are different, and I have to try several times to deal with speed).
Sometimes I try the famous little jump before the banked turn, usually not enough speed to drift perfectly... and usually kissing the walls Tongue

Yeah, the nascar 60k can be a nice spot for burning tires and understand better how to stay on a good speed.

Anti's ingame videos are interesting to watch to understand better the good position on the road (as he usually loves the podium Tongue). And the last nascar race, you are rarelly under 700Km/h... and at top speed ~800Km/h... I'm sure I've never saw that on my screen, and 700 is my max, haha! Tongue
But on nascar, when we begin to kiss the outer wall... it's a long long time to wait, rah!! haha !

Thx guyz for your tips, really. I'm sure it will be useful ! And now I know better from where to start Wink
Don't hesitate to share with young padawans Wink

And yes, having fun in a community like this one is the best gift Wink

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you'll get there

actually, try to never touch the brake on entry unless you want to correct a massive over speed and left it too late. it's better to lift the throttle very very briefly before the turn (when you have time to practice the tracks before the race, figure out a point to lift and use a visual marker from the scenery to remember where during the race) if you aren't confident of going full throttle through it.

the same goes for the pit entry and exit

the only time I generally touch the brake in a NASCAR race is for air-braking to land flat off a jump.

BUT Ranig is right, fun comes first. the rest is just minor detail. It took me several seasons of trying to keep up with Marty, Raptor and Spyder before I got anywhere and the penny clicked that I was over-driving. I try to do something darkblade use to call going for a granny drive (a state of mind and way of keeping an average speed) these days and it generally works on the envimix Laughing out loud

I have dabbled with speed drift but am still learning that skill. It's also not easy to do with an analog stick on a controller. I can do it better on dirt surfaces where the car is prone to slide easier anyway.


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