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NASCAR Racing League Rules (NRL)

PLEASE use a translator if necessary:
These rules were established to provide a realistic, enjoyable environment during NRL races or events. Drivers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. All drivers that registered to drive in NRL races or events have agreed to abide by these rules. We put a lot of TIME and EFFORTS into making this an enjoyable experience. PLEASE read the NASCAR Racing League FAQ and procedures for more information.

  1. You must have a valid, working email address. Your email should allow you to receive small file attachments, such as league tracking in adobe reader (PDF) and image files (JPG).
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. Register at our website, http://www.tm-nascar.com/
  4. Use your registered maniaplanet account during races or events.
  5. Chat in English when possible.
  6. Respect each other, and refrain from bad language or cursing. Do not instigate trouble, avoid religion, sex, politics or other sensitive topics of discussion.
  7. Avoid excessive chat during the race. If you must leave, please announce it and proceed.
  8. Please DO NOT use the NRL Event chat as a venue to discuss activities with your team members. Use your own server, email or your website to communicate with them.
  9. If you cannot attend a race or event, please contact us via email, nrltracks [at] live [dot] fr
  10. DO NOT reveal server passwords to any friends or other NASCAR Racing League drivers. It is your own responsibility to attain the password to enter the server.
  11. AVOID excessive chat and questions to the admin before the race. The admin might be preparing the race, taking screenshots and temporarily away during the current practice laps.
  12. Drivers that prematurely leave the race, without apparent computer or game problems, will not be scored for the race. If points are awarded for joining the race, they will be valid. It is your responsibility to contact us if you are having problems with the game, players or the race.

** The NASCAR Racing League rules may be updated or revised at any time. **


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