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Nascar racing, Trackmania Style! Download Nascars from Maniapark for an exciting experience!


www.tm-nascar.com is a partner with the Trackmania Nascar Racing League (NRL), the Trackmania Nascar Racing Team (NRT) and La Pomme d' Eve.

The NRL is a league of drivers that participate in weekly Trackmania Nascar style races.
The NRL follows the current Nascar schedule with weekly races on Sundays. NRL registration takes place all throughout the year. If you are interested, please sign up.

 The NRT consists of dedicated drivers that compete with other Trackmania teams and participate in the NRL. NRT drivers create the foundation for the NRL, designing cars, tracks, loadscreens and signs for all TM drivers to enjoy. For consideration as a team member, you will need to drive with us on our servers, and display a positive friendly attitude towards other TM drivers.

The Nascar Racing League seasons are driven on the Maniaplanet SRE Title
TM² Stadium Stadium Racing Evolution (SRE).

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Resources: read more Details, download the latest version,
For support in our SRE Forum, sign up to www.tm-nascar.com.

Trackmania servers include the Nascar Racing League 80K, NRL United Nascar (both TMUF) and on TM² Stadium the NRL HD 80k, the NRL ROC 100k, the NRL Nascar SRE, the NRL ISLAND SRE
and the NRL 2017 Events server.  

Sponsorship for our venture is provided by La Pomme d'Eve, the ONLY South African pub in Paris!

For more informations, please visit our public forums, sign up or contact us. 

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The season starts at Feb 26 2017 with a promotional event on Feb. 19.

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SRE Update

Latest Version SRE: 26.9.2014

Size: 173 MB

Pretty big update, please make sure to connect early enough on Sunday if you can't get it earlier!

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NRT Godictionwd takuma on Indy500 :) Don't spill the milk! :D1 day 6 hours ago
NRT AntiKytherAlooks that way cineon1 day 14 hours ago
NRT Godictionmy update failed and failed. oops...give up today ;/1 day 15 hours ago
cineonSO no NRL today?1 day 16 hours ago
NRT AntiKytherANRL and ROC will resume TM2 exactly where they were before the update as and when the guys have managed to get the servers up and running again in their limited spare time. Have patience please guys.1 day 16 hours ago
KlausHey friends, when to go on with the races?1 day 18 hours ago
vampire91This sunday race?1 day 19 hours ago