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TM² Stadium Racing Evolution (SRE) is live !

The ManiaPlanet Title SRE is finally #Ready4Racing !

The TM² Stadium look and feel is still there, though the borders (<=> „Rammstein“) are gone. In result racing on SRE feels different, as the usable road got slightly wider. You can go now from wall to wall without getting airborne.

The width from wall to wall is unchanged, also our „blocks“ (correctly: items) can be combined with all Nadeo's blocks.

There are also some additional blocks, like half banked turns and smoother transitions, all in the classical Stadium style.

The title contains also an Island part, large roads, 3 different banked sizes, amazing jumps, etc

In bonus, a big selection of scenery blocks (Buildings, villages, trees , lights, etc)

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Give it a try at the NRL Nascar SRE 60k server! More than 300 SRE Stadium tracks are waiting for you
Or try the NRL Island SRE server! More than 150 SRE Island tracks are waiting for you!

And yes, the Nascar Racing League NRL 2017 will be also on SRE.

Last not least: Thank You Nadeo for these great possibilities ! It has just begun Cool


SRE support Forum for racers, track builders, server admins and any of your questions,
MP Title install instructions in English, French and German
Latest version of SRE
Direct link to the SRE Stadiun server NRL Nascar SRE 60k
Direct link to the SRE Island server NRL ISLAND SRE

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