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NRT MartelprodAnd Take care BRO ;)2 days 14 hours ago
NRT MartelprodTake care BRU ;)2 days 14 hours ago
NRT MinosGJ Ranig :) Thx mappers and hosts ;*p4 days 19 hours ago
NRT RanigMy latest MTC map is available on the NRL SRE and RaNasCar servers ;)1 week 3 days ago
NRT RanigDon't thank me thank the mapper xd1 week 4 days ago
NRT Minos"gears are glowing" has to be understood (pit/road/pit). The 2 others are ++ for me :) Thx Ranig!1 week 4 days ago
NRT MinosAnd will taste soon the maps added Ranig, thx ;)2 weeks 23 hours ago