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NRT Jennyfur886
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most new tiles working 14.6.2014
is anyone else getting red tile sections ?

NRT Martelprod
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These blocs will be deleted

These blocs will be deleted in ext updates
You can found the same ones in the same blocks folder

I see the first pic , it's on Nascarology , I will repair this Wink

M Party

NRT Jennyfur886
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Joined: Mar 24 2013
updated my track fixing the red issues ;)
NRT Suma
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Blocks with red texture are

Blocks with red texture are duplicates and will be erased. We'll give you at least 2 weeks, probably even 4 weeks time. It was very necessary to improve the usability in the editor. As we were quite late with SRE for the season start things got messy.

Red icons, but the block with normal textures means that it won't be deleted (no need to update all old tracks), but that you should search for a better alternative, e.g. the custom CPs which avoid the block mixing you had to do up to now.

If you have an old SRE track which is broken with the latest update, please drop Martel or me a line.


Also there are quite some fixed block lightmaps in Island style which might leave your old tracks look strange now. Find details about how to bulk update lightmaps through command line at http://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewtopic.php?f=266&t=15988&hilit=command+line

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are serious about to make SRE the first choice for everybody interested in TM the faster way. Smile

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