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since 2 weeks my connection crash when i am on warm up laps and probably marty use a pw to close the server but i can still reconnect when it happens it is possobe to close the server earlier in warm up period and not in the end

NRT Suma
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Server lock is my job if I'm

Server lock is my job if I'm there and I usuallly do it within the last 5-10 seconds, simply to keep the door open as long as possible.

For me it would be better to do it earlier, because I could focus earlier again on the race, but I don't understand what it would help you if you try to reconnect and the server is already locked?


I think we should first try to find out why your connection crashes:

As I have since few weeks your car in my cache - did you close your Peer2Peer settings again? (at least upload, but if you have troubles you should close everything there)

Also you should start CMD.exe and type:


If the command is finished click on the black icon on the left top of the window,
Edit > Mark All
[Enter] (hotkey for "copy")

And post the output here please. Acilla had now for some weeks also problems, though in his case "just" regular heavy lags. Luckily gone since last Sunday. I'm currious about if you pass the same last 3 servers to Paris which caused his problems.


BTW: I'll move this thread tomorrow to a different forum as it definitively has nothing to do with SRE.

S Cool

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just testing

my trace in Wink (test)
Tracing route to 195-154-226-113.rev.poneytelecom.eu []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 14 ms 48 ms 44 ms cpc11-mapp11-2-0-gw.12-4.cable.virginm.net []
2 20 ms 9 ms 16 ms nott-core-2b-ae7-2366.network.virginmedia.net []
3 37 ms 43 ms 53 ms nrth-bb-2a-ae6-0.network.virginmedia.net []
4 18 ms 14 ms 13 ms nrth-bb-1b-ae0-0.network.virginmedia.net []
5 13 ms 15 ms 20 ms tele-ic-4-ae0-0.network.virginmedia.net []
6 14 ms 13 ms 15 ms ldn-b4-link.telia.net []
7 59 ms 21 ms 24 ms ldn-bb2-link.telia.net []
8 20 ms 23 ms 23 ms prs-bb2-link.telia.net []
9 26 ms 24 ms 26 ms prs-b7-link.telia.net []
10 35 ms 37 ms 42 ms online-ic-305114-prs-b7.c.telia.net []
11 71 ms 35 ms 40 ms 45-s103-1-dc2-a9k1.dc3.poneytelecom.eu []
12 54 ms 63 ms 50 ms 195-154-226-113.rev.poneytelecom.eu []

Trace complete.

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1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms

1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms fritz.box []
2 42 ms 42 ms 42 ms
3 84 ms 43 ms 42 ms
4 44 ms 44 ms 44 ms
5 45 ms 45 ms 45 ms ffm-b12-link.telia.net []
6 45 ms 45 ms 45 ms ffm-bb2-link.telia.net []
7 58 ms 75 ms 54 ms prs-bb2-link.telia.net []
8 57 ms 68 ms 58 ms prs-b7-link.telia.net []
9 56 ms 57 ms 55 ms online-ic-305114-prs-b7.c.telia.net [
10 55 ms 55 ms 55 ms 45-s103-1-dc2-a9k1.dc3.poneytelecom.eu [195.154.
11 55 ms 61 ms 73 ms 195-154-226-113.rev.poneytelecom.eu [195.154.226

when it kicks me and the router is fast enough to reconnect then i can still join
last race game kicked me mid of the warm up and when i reconnect and join again 3 secs left till the race start

NRT Suma
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Joined: Dec 28 2010
Values are good, what about

Values are good, what about the Peer2Peer settings?

And can you explain more in details about the router which has to reconnect?

It could be also a conflict between some windows background processes and MP or another gamer on the same connection. Many threads about this field on MP, e.g. http://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewtopic.php?f=263&t=29456 (German)

S Cool

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