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NRT Minos
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May be I'm wrong...
I remember it was possible to save the map currently played on the server, to my computer, to have possibility to play it later on local. It was on TM1 or TMNF... Are my memories right ?
(like the button used ingame to save your currently "replay")

I think it's not possible now on TM2 ?
Hard to find information about that, so I've deducted this feature is now disabled...

NRT AntiKytherA
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Save the replay instead

It's restricted on NRL servers because I believe the guys don't want other server owners taking exclusive tracks that aren't available through the exchange site.

What you can do instead to practise is save the replay and race against that.


NASCAR Racing League Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/TMNRL

NRT Minos
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Haaa ok thx Anti! It's clear

Haaa ok thx Anti! It's clear now for me, this feature is alive, ok Smile So it's server side ! It can be easily understood why it's blocked here, no problem Wink

Ok about the replay, I'll try to understand how to make it possible Wink

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