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>>>>> New Year Nascar Event 2015 <<<<<

Merry Christmas to the Trackmania community!
An event will take place to celebrate the new year.
This event will be played in TrackMania Nation Forever, no registration and open for all!
The date is Sunday, January 11, 2015 at 20.00 CET.
It will be driven 20 laps of 6 well-known Nascar tracks for approximately each race 10 minutes.
Total price is 156,000 Coppers.

Prices per track:
- 1st 10,000 Coppers
- 2nd 7,000 Coppers
- 3rd 5,000 Coppers
- 4th 3,000 Coppers
- 5th 1,000 Coppers

You can find the server in France > Ile-de-France > Paris.
Add to favorites: tmtp://#addfavourite=nascar_event
Join: tmtp://#join=nascar_event

The server will be opened at 19.00 CET to train the tracks.
Then, server locked at start.

You are all invited, see you there!
Website: http://new-year-nascar-event.uboxi.com/

In memories of Sven and Burning Wheels team.


NRT Spyder
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Goooooo Mates, I hope to see

Goooooo Mates, I hope to see you there Wink


NRT Maxtor
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Thx for info Spy, I'll try to

Thx for info Spy, I'll try to be there.


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It was a nice Event, Merci

It was a nice Event, Merci Coco Smile

M Party

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The 10th Event Event 10

The 10th Event
Event 10 (Endurance) (Week 10):

-What?: 3x25-minutes Nascar-Maps in TMNF

-When?: January 18th (Sunday), start: 20.00CET , Server opens 19.15CET

-Time Claim: max. 85 minutes

-Who can participate? Everybody is Welcome! (No registration required) – Players with TMNF have to use the join-/add-favouritelink below-Time:

tmtp://#join=twne tmtp://# addfavourite=twne

-10-255 players

-Maps: 3 Maps selected by Jonny (well-known Nascarmaps + 45 min. Time to train)

Serverinformations: Serverlocation: Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate, Kaiserslautern

Servername: The Weekly Nascarevent (20CET) (IRT War/Train)

Serverlogin: twne


tmtp://# addfavourite=twne

During the Event there won´t be a password!

Order: Server opens 19.15 CET and the Event starts 20CET.

-1 wu (5 min.) + 60 laps (short map) ,

1 wu (5 min.) + 25 laps (long map) &

1 wu (5 min.) + 50 laps (short map)


-Last chance for all players to collect points for the grand Final (+Bonuspoints).

-The best 2 Players of the first map, second map and the 3rd Map who didnt arrive the Grand Final with the Total Points of all 10 Events before, receives a free ticket.

Prizes: -Coppers for the Top 10 each map (2000c,1500cc,1000cc,750cc,500cc,250cc,150cc,100cc,50cc,25cc)

+ Top 3 Locals each map (1000cc, 500cc, 250cc)

+ Little Lottery

+ Bonuslottery (only for finshers of at least 3 of 4 maps!) (1 player: 3000cc, 1 player: 500cc, 1 player: 100cc)

-Teambonus: (Clans doesn´t matter in this case!). Just tell the Admin (Jonny) the Teamname and the Teammembers until 10 Minutes before the Event starts (19.50CET). A Team must consist of 2,3 or 4 players. The Total Points, not the Average counts. So a Team with 4 Players has a bigger advantage in comparison to a Team with 2 or 3 Players.

- The Top 5 Teams get 75% of all Serverdonations! The other Teams price is the Fun!

-Please Donate sth. to support me and this Event! Wink

Sincerely Jonny Smile

Each Event all players can collect some points. The best 12 of all Events + the 6 players of the 10th Event reach the Grand Final.

Kuku> Applause

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