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I posted an appeal to Nadeo regarding the MP4 bugs which are still persistent after 1 year of the infamous update:


Anyway I got reply, so I replied:
Wink Wink Maybe they will take notice now!
[ME: -Rank problems:-
I am ranked 6th in Europe and 11th in the world, but in game it displays the World rank only.

The ranks are not updated properly and can be sporadic, i.e. 11th then 6th, then 11th etc...I was ahead of one person and they suddenly jumped to 3rd etc

Also can you implement a way of viewing your rank and other around you in the game, like it used to be?
It would be nice if the devs had a simple webpage like this:
to view ranks as well!
This website has been broken since MP4 too.
Thanks. ]

Every Monday the ladder is normalized after the ROC hours (players who drive on higher ranked servers, the 100 000 ladder points ones) so that's why your ranking and ladder points will evolve on Monday. [/quote]
Thank for the response (genuinely so), with all due respect all you have done is describe how it *should* work and not acknowledged that it *doesn't* work.

1-Monday it calculates the ranks, fine, but does not explain why it displays the incorrect rank during the game throughout the week. Either that or the game menu is not showing the correct rank.
2-Changing ranks during the Sunday's ROC time shouldn't happen according to you, that should take place the next day.
3-Not addressed: why I can not see the rank ladder and surrounding players in the game itself, whereas before I could?

ADDITIONAL:- The queue system does not work in ROC either (the mod is only compatible with MP3). Why can't a queue system be implemented if it is a prerequisite to a ROC standard server approval?

Simple little features have been badly implemented or outright broken in MP4 all for the sake of flashier graphics is a bad reflection on Nadeo, its choices and the response to the fan base. As your palming off of my post shows.

Who tested this MP4 update? Badly released games requiring day one patches have had better support than a game that was not broken in the first place (except the landing bug!).

Thank you for the time and effort put in so far and I relise you are the brunt of these frustrations and others behind the scenes maybe also responsible.

If you could address and fix each of my points people who paid for the game, only for it to be broken afterward, would be a lot happier!]

Well fingers crossed guys!

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Everything was working really on MP3. Some stuffs were missing.
M4P brings some great features but break some other ones.

Having Fun is our priority JC Party

M Party

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jcVD - it wouldn't surprise

jcVD - it wouldn't surprise me if nadeo's response would be resetting your account, destroying your ladder rank completely or banning you for telling the truth about their precious game. they are unfortunately petty enough to do that


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jcVanDamme I understand you

jcVanDamme I understand you correctly you don't see players look at their profile, I have another problem, in MP3 i saw all players , and MP4 don't see scins, horns, avatars , turns out the game needs to upload again without any help , I took horns froms cache of the game, listen to them , remember . I'm sorry , I can't stand it inside me.

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one thing that annoys me is

one thing that annoys me is the fact custom engine noises are still temperamental after so many updates. they know the problem is there but seem to be going out of their way to ignore it


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