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[this tutorial needs work, but as the interest in track building is much higher then expected, the infos need to get public fast]

znik1 posted earlier a very nice video about his first experiences with SRE on our server and in the editor. Thank you znik1 for the very nice comments and sorry for the delay of the handbook, here we go.

The Importer doesn't yet support everything, e.g. custom CPs and Connectors would be really helpful, but at the moment we must live without and it is working.


In the editor you must switch down on the left side with yellow background to custom Items mode ([F4]) to access the SRE "blocks". The hotkeys [F2] (Nadeo) and [F4] (SRE) are very useful.

Accordingly we got used to call Nadeo's blocks e.g. [F2]1-1-1, while the SRE-"version" we call [F4]1-1-1

Known bug: On some PCs the [F4]-folders display in the intended order, e.g. in znik1's video is visible that the base folders are flipped. The problem was reported at the MP forum, no answer yet.

=> [F4]1-x-y refers to the equivalent of Nadeo's first Block folder.

Track names: Our track builders got used to prefix or suffix their SRE track names with "RE". Very helpful for server admins! Can we install this as a convention for track builders?


Questions & Answers

How can I delete [F4] blocks?

Delete requires information if it shall delete a Block [F2] or an Item [F4]. Make sure that this Tree-icon at bottom ([F4]) is blue highlighted, then press the delete button and select the item to delete.

Where are the Checkpoints CP and Start/Finish in SRE?

Unfortunately not yet supported by Nadeo's Importer, it is announced for MP3 (!) and we will implement it as fast as possible.

Why are there so many blocks to replace [F2]1-1-1?

At the moment we have no connectors and can't drag blocks. As a result we had to split up [F2]1-1-1. The replacement blocks in detail:


[F4]1-1-1 - The "Connector Block" (STREET CONNECT) with Nadeo's [F2]1-1-1. On one side you are 15cm up at SRE street level, the other side is on Nadeo's street.

Track builder trick: If you want to prevent people driving backwards, this block might get your favourite: On a straight replace once [F4]1-1-3 by [F4]1-1-1. Driven the right way it is a micro jump down. Driven backwards it turns into a nasty bug, from a certain speed even it can flip the car, sure always it costs speed and as a result driving backwards is slower than the right way. Very effective.


[F4]1-1-2 - "GRASS CONNECT" Use this block to get from SRE street level quite smooth down to the grass.

[F4]1-1-3 - "STRAIGHT" This is the regular SRE replacement for [F2]1-1-1.

[F4]1-1-4 - "X-CROSS" replacing the X-crossing feature of [F2]1-1-1

[F4]1-1-5 - "T-CROSS" replacing the T-crossing feature of [F2]1-1-1

[F4]1-1-6 - "TURN 90°" replacing the 90° feature of [F2]1-1-1

Why is the SRE street level 15cm higher?

It is a workaround for the missing connector feature to avoid nasty bugs (sharp edges) on one side and flickering due to overlaying surfaces on the other. To connect [F2]-streets and SRE requires overlapping of blocks, ...like block mixing.
Not really nice, but working for the moment.


What is the workaround for Checkpoints?

First place your Checkpoint. You will see that the wall's ends (connectors) face inward, which is not nice... Our suggestion is to extend both sides of the CP with one block [F2]1-1-1. Then the walls turn to the outside and will not disturb the cars.

Switch to [F4]
Option 1: build straight over the CP. Use [F4]1-1-3, yes, nasty, but it works well.

Option 2:cover the extensions of the CP by "street connect" [F4]1-1-1 and leave the CP free.
- you must care for the right orientation of [F4]1-1-1, at the mouse it is on SRE height, opposite on CP height.

This option is prefered for Start/Finish, as it leaves the colour change on track visible.


Why some blocks are so hard to place?

Bad one... today it is clear that track builders look on their track in driving direction during building. However, specially at banked blocks the auto-position-feature of Items takes a wrong reference and tries to place too high.

Workaround: If I block doesn't go where it should, turn the view to look opposite to the driving direction. Then the feature doesn't take the wrong reference, scrolling wheel & up/down work again normal.

It is on the ToDo list for one of the next releases, though there are differences between Items & Blocks, rare documentation => it might stay like this.


Why is it possible to change [F4]block height in half block steps?

The new "half (height) banked" [F4]blocks (<=> all folders/icons marked with "1/2") needed this setting. Your track can move up and down now much smoother, like in half steps. You just need to take care for the next CP to be again on the right level.

We didn't want to limit track builder's creativity, all blocks behave the same, so it should work out. And we trust that track builders want to get their tracks right. No reason to control them.


Sometimes some blocks flicker, why does it happen?

Probably it happend that 2 blocks lay over each other. If surfaces are on the same place, the game doesn't know which one to display and this resuts in flickering. Also known from block mixing. The only solution for now is to control yourself and when it happend:
[F4], X (or the delete button), delete this block and set in the missing one once more.

Background: As long as we don't have custom CPs and/or no connectors, the only way to achive tracks without Rammstein is to turn off limitations, which practically result in ... block mixing. It was not our favourite solution, but both Nadeo's Importer as well as SRE are still under massive development, so we are confident that we can fix this some day.


To be extended / updated. Feel free to ask below, we'll try to work on making this handbook easier to understand. Thank you for your interest in SRE.

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