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Hey all !

An event will take place to start the Spring Nascar Cup 2016.
The date is Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 at 20.30 CET.
Server opened at 19.30 CET to train then locked at start.

6 new nascar tracks will be driven, 15 laps on each track (around 10 minutes per track).

No registration and open for all !

Total price is 50,000 Coppers.
Prices per track:
1st - 1,500 Coppers
2nd - 1,300 Coppers
3rd 1,100 Coppers
4th - 900 Coppers
5th - 800 Coppers
6th - 700 Coppers
7th - 600 Coppers
8th - 500 Coppers
9th - 400 Coppers
10th - 300 Coppers

You can find the server in World | France | Ile-de-France | Paris.
Server name: SNC» Opening Event | Sunday 3rd 20.30 CET
Add favorites: tmtp://#addfavourite=snc_public
Join the server: tmtp://#join=snc_public

See you there and have a lot of fun !

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NRT AntiKytherAit was down to an idiotic elbowing incident, if france had the full team on the pitch they would have won1 day 22 hours ago
NRT MinosI've heared 1 point difference ! For sure frenchies have ragequitted :*/1 day 22 hours ago
NRT AntiKytherABloody hell, France should have easily won that, our boys played shockingly badly in the first half2 days 8 hours ago
NRT MinosA nice map series tonight! Thx all for fun, and Danielafro mapper :)4 days 23 hours ago
NRT AntiKytherAgn bru, there was a random code dump and i got disconnected from the channel, not sure what that was but it was a game bug of some kind :S5 days 22 hours ago
NRT MiddenratTaking a back seat this week *feet up with pipe6 days 1 hour ago