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SRE Update

Finally, the new version of SRE for MP4: 14.6.2017 Size: 196 MB
MP4 update: You can also go directly to your Documents/ManiaPlanet/Packs folder, rename SRE.Title.Pack.Gbx to SRE@tm-nascar.Title.Pack.Gbx, and receive in game the automatic update

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NRT AntiKytherAThe Auto Club 400 is on TV Live, UK channel called FREESPORT3 days 10 hours ago
NRT MartelprodHB Mate ;)5 days 19 hours ago
NRT AntiKytherAHappy Birthday Red :)6 days 6 hours ago
NRT MartelprodHB Lau :)1 week 2 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAHappy Birthday Burgerman :)1 week 2 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAatlante=second :)1 week 5 days ago