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NRT RedStormbump :)35 weeks 5 hours ago
NRT Martelprodhey35 weeks 17 hours ago
Mekhhello :)35 weeks 2 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAnas separio :)35 weeks 5 days ago
NRT Middenratgood runs Jen :)36 weeks 5 days ago
vampire91Go this sunday.. road to top 536 weeks 5 days ago
NRT Martelprodhey bru :)36 weeks 6 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAmoin moin spock :) ty m8 good to hear from you37 weeks 20 hours ago
NRT Mr Spockhiho all friends.. wish you sunny times for your sunday races .. ;)37 weeks 3 days ago
NRT Middenrat@Jinx, some delays occur every year, unavoidable with our verification process.37 weeks 3 days ago
JINXIs there a ranking for 2017?37 weeks 4 days ago
NRT Lau78ha thx :)37 weeks 5 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAit's open37 weeks 5 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAyes lau, too many connections on it. i hope spy can sort it before 20.30h37 weeks 5 days ago
NRT Lau78i can t co in serveur all have the same ?37 weeks 5 days ago
NRT Martelprodyea ;)37 weeks 5 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAde ja vu bro? ;)37 weeks 5 days ago
NRT MartelprodPassword only during races !!!37 weeks 5 days ago
petr1469as a password during the race???? please thank37 weeks 5 days ago
NRT MartelprodNot yet :)37 weeks 5 days ago
Guest (not verified)Hey. Is there any broadcast of the race events?38 weeks 10 hours ago
NRT Middenrathi Spyder, good job with the practice server :)38 weeks 3 days ago
NRT Middenratthanks Maxm8 10-438 weeks 3 days ago
NRT MaxtorHey Midm8, here the IP : weeks 3 days ago
NRT Middenratsomeone got the IP for Teamspeak server pls?38 weeks 3 days ago
vampire91Sorry NRT38 weeks 5 days ago
NRT Middenratthx for slipping me the SNC pass Couz :)38 weeks 5 days ago
petr1469thank you38 weeks 5 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAread the email, no passwords - https://goo.gl/SZyi3138 weeks 5 days ago

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SRE Update

Finally, the new version of SRE for MP4: 14.6.2017 Size: 196 MB
MP4 update: You can also go directly to your Documents/ManiaPlanet/Packs folder, rename SRE.Title.Pack.Gbx to SRE@tm-nascar.Title.Pack.Gbx, and receive in game the automatic update