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NRT MartelprodPlease be patient guys20 weeks 4 days ago
NRT Godictionwd takuma on Indy500 :) Don't spill the milk! :D20 weeks 6 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAlooks that way cineon20 weeks 6 days ago
NRT Godictionmy update failed and failed. oops...give up today ;/20 weeks 6 days ago
cineonSO no NRL today?20 weeks 6 days ago
NRT AntiKytherANRL and ROC will resume TM2 exactly where they were before the update as and when the guys have managed to get the servers up and running again in their limited spare time. Have patience please guys.20 weeks 6 days ago
KlausHey friends, when to go on with the races?20 weeks 6 days ago
vampire91This sunday race?20 weeks 6 days ago
quentarhey last update for ROC was 28.05. will it happen?! and are the 4* maps replaced with 5* maps?21 weeks 1 day ago
NRT Martelprodhey Couz, a little bit :)21 weeks 3 days ago
NRT Middenrathi Couz what a nightmare for you :(21 weeks 6 days ago
NRT Middenratis week 12 being shunted too?21 weeks 6 days ago
cineonok just saw the shedule. cu next week than21 weeks 6 days ago
cineonCan´t click the online-mode in the Titlepack. Is there a race this week?21 weeks 6 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAhey mate you too :D21 weeks 6 days ago
NRT Mr Spockhey drivers , hey friends and HEEEEEY TEAM NRT wish you all finest weekend :)22 weeks 1 hour ago
NRT RanigLol that does work ^^ personally im using TMU as an alternative ;)22 weeks 5 days ago
555found a nice mp4 workaround on all issues , its alt F4 :D22 weeks 5 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAI agree with ACE entirely :)22 weeks 6 days ago
blitzeokay anti, thanks for the information :)22 weeks 6 days ago
ACE2006 ČnKFucking fucking update will not let me race ... fucking Maniaplanet ... sorry friends22 weeks 6 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAblitze nadeo broke the game with mp4, all servers need reconfiguring not just NRL ones22 weeks 6 days ago
NRT GodictionI missed the mail.. cu later guys :)22 weeks 6 days ago
NRT Godictionmy force update not finish now..may be join 2nd track :/22 weeks 6 days ago
blitzeDoes anyone know why we can't join multiplayer games on tm2 ? :p22 weeks 6 days ago
NRT AntiKytherAthx for the work you are doing, not your fault so no need to apologise bro22 weeks 6 days ago
NRT MartelprodSorry for ths inconvenience22 weeks 6 days ago
NRT MartelprodNRL races delayed to 28.0522 weeks 6 days ago
NRT MartelprodWe work on it !23 weeks 1 hour ago
Guest (not verified)will there be a ROC tomorrow?23 weeks 10 hours ago

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SRE Update

Finally, the new version of SRE for MP4: 14.6.2017 Size: 196 MB MP4 update: You can also go directly to your Documents/ManiaPlanet/Packs folder, rename SRE.Title.Pack.Gbx to SRE@tm-nascar.Title.Pack.Gbx, and recieve in game the automatic update