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Hello guys!

I noticed on yesterday's race that no one intended to speed drift except for some maos, despite being really easy to perform and giving huge benefits. So I want to ask you what are you going to do this season about speed drifting.

Here is my opinion:

I started learning how to speed drift last year after checking some replays by Acilla and Spyder, and quickly became used to use it.

Even though I'm still pretty bad at it, I really enjoy trying to optimize it, and makes me enjoy envimix and endurances much more than without doing it, plus, I got used to exit fast turns in a way I start speed drifting, and now it would be annoying trying to change it again.

This is why I'm not going to stop speed drifting, and I'd like to know what are you going to do.

If it's going to be hard banned, I won't play envimix and endurances. No hard feelings on this, but I don't enjoy playing that way.

If it's going to be allowed, yet envimix and endurance favourites decide to not use it, I will respect that decision and give myself a time handicap at the start to compensate, making a rough estimate on how much time I save by speed drifting and stating the estimate before the race.

For example, my regu times yesterday were about 22.75 sding and 23.15 not sding, (23.15 - 22.75) x 60 laps x 0.75(sding doesn't benefit me on crash laps or start/pit laps) = 18 seconds.

This is an ethic decision by myself, and I don't intend to force anyone to follow it, I just want to drive the way I enjoy, and yet having a fair fight.

Greetings, darkblade.

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My thoughts

Thanks for posting the above. These are my independent thoughts and should not be attributed to the entire NRT team.

I'd prefer it if speed drifting during the NRL races didn't happen.

I'm not fussed about the potential speed advantage it may deliver because it soon balances out after drift initiated crashes and gives me some motivation to try and get back ahead of the people doing it. The constant weaving is distracting though and for that reason I'm not keen on it.

Cheers DB,


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DB, by theory we can't spec,

DB, by theory we can't spec, check, control everyone
Main goals of NRL are fun and fairplay, same settings for all, only hands make differences.
You admit that some know what is SD and just a few manage SD efficiently.

Under 800, SD has a very limited effect. Over 800, it really could be unfair towards majority of players.
Problem concern just few tracks (Daytona, Las Vegas, Talladega and some Endurance tracks). I consider this like a small details of NRL.

Last year we tried to put a speed limitation with mediatracker (derived from using SD), but it had an influence unwanted in fuel gauge (race=>cancelled)
We made some tries (offline) last year with a script fuel gauge to permit this speed limitation (825), but script fuel gauge is not yet perfect.

And we are not here to flange the game.

I understand your position, improve old skills and new skills, more fun too.

What I can tell you is, use it against someone one who handle and use it to.
A player who don't use/know it, SD is not necessary to pass him/her
(by definition, you have more skills)

Example: Yesterday, I didn't use it and finished first, you used it and finished second, something is wrong Smile

We play to have fun all together, and it works pretty well (years prove it). This is not so important Tongue

M Party

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I make the SD horribly but I

I make the SD horribly but I enjoy doing it... although my teammates laugh at me

Could I start the races before everyone else Tongue Tongue Tongue ?

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I didn't use it the whole

I didn't use it the whole race, only maybe 2 or 3 times. Then at lap 50, as this race didn't puntuate, I decided to use it to get local 1, got it last lap Laughing out loud.

But imo SD should be used, if someone doesnt have the skills to do it, or gets distracted by it, this person has to enhance it. It is in TM and has not been fixed for the same reason that ramms aren't, competition. Nascar is FS, not using something that only works going fast its a little bit stupid.

Then obviously, if someone feels that he/she is way pro enough to win without using it, let him/her do as he pleases. I dont know how we are not suppossed to do as much as we can in this game.

Also, seems like NRT was trying to forbid it since last year, when
maos seemed to be able to win some races.

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I don't mind either way. And

I don't mind either way.

And Loko, I don't think it had anything to do with MAO. Like you said, Spyder and I used it as well.

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Uh, let's see, thanks for the

Uh, let's see, thanks for the answers.

@Anti I respect that, but as someone that can't have cars on, focusing on myself is the funniest way to race, it's true you may crash a bit more due to the extra speed, but you can still gain time with it easily or even safe more the turns.

@Martel it starts taking effect at 450-500, and it doesn't matter if the advantage is arguably important or not, it's an unfair advantage anyway. You beat me yesterday because the gameplay level difference was so huge that it even compensated that time, but with similar skill/training, you wouldn't stand a chance. I played awfully yesterday, and stopped sding mid race because it felt overpowered.

@Jamelgo When did you escape from the asylum?

@Loko stop sniping my dedi 1, asshole! Thanks for the opinion, though.

@Acilla I don't think it's against maos either, this is something that comes from past seasons, when more people used it.

NRT AntiKytherA
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Indeed Loko, I meant no

Indeed Loko, I meant no offence mate.

Yes I know I can improve too. I'll give you some more competition and visit the podium more regularly when that happens. Given this will be essentially my second season of this kind of racing (not counting the few races at the beginning of 2014), I have plenty of time to do so.

As for the distractions, I'm getting used to the driving style. It's not quite as distracting as last year because I expect to see it now. I can always turn the cars completely off too but prefer to see who I'm racing with. db shared his opinion so I contributed mine to a hopefully mutually respectful discussion.

The most important part of the game for me is having fun with friends. Stuff like this really doesn't matter in the general scheme of things. Take care!

saludos Beer


NRT Mr Spock
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i dont understand that

i dont understand that diskusion, but speeddrift or not, its not relevant for me... i like sometime use speeddrift for take a good time. okay thats all if i catch my times, during events speeddrift is not for everyone a advantage. i think a fairplay for all , but dont use scripts for blocking gameparts its same as cheat

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Sorry friends, what speed drift?

NRT AntiKytherA
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It's deliberately initiating

It's deliberately initiating a drift and keeping it going by moving the car left and right small amounts to gain speed.

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Hey all,I will briefly give

Hey all,

I will briefly give my opinion Wink
I took a lot of time to learn and master this speed drift^^
And yes when you know how to use it, it is really efficient !
I remember 1 or 2 years ago a few maps where I had 0.3 sec better than dedi2 thanks to speed drifting Tongue
So that way of driving is a problem for people who don't know how to use it...
However I noticed last season that the tracks were built in a different way, the maps had less speed drifts and it was more risky to use it.
So in my opinion speed drifting is really efficient for hunting dedi1, but in endurance mode like NRL races it's not so usefull and it can cause crash.
I often preferred to hold me and don't use it to stay constant and avoid crash.
Then, speed drifting is not only present in NRL, it's part of Trackmania, especially with fullspeed maps.
Speed drift is a kind of skill for me so I don't understand why we should have to ban it ...
Like Martel said, it's only the case on some maps...
NRL is endurance so it's useless to win 0.2sec per lap thanks to it then crash and lose 10 sec for example because it's very hard to master it at each lap.
I think everybody should be free to drive how he wants (speed drift is not cheat) Smile


NRT Middenrat
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in support of Spyder analysis

As it was at Daytona, I saw more than one driver initiate the technique then collect the Wall when their entry speed was uncontrollably high.
Also the dimensions at Daytona mean at least 1.5 laps need to be completed 'in drift' before an advantage accumulates.
Summation: too risky. In my opinion, why our Somi didn't win as many races as he should have Wink

Mid Hypnotized

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cup 2016

Hello I have a question? I checked on the server , user approved , write wait before the race will receive a password to connect to the Cup , I waited until the start of the races on email nothing came. what to do ? why no letter

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Wrong place to your

Wrong place to your post

Problem with newsletter today, just few players received it

Sorry for that !

M Party

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Oh ,thank you very much

Oh ,thank you very much

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prodolozhayut discussion of

prodolozhayut discussion of increasing speed, there is 1 way to increase speed dirt!!! If you go straight on the dirt is one speed, and if the sly wag, the speed increases faster

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